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Upgrade Your Office * Revitalize Your Restaurant * Liven Up Your Lobby

Whether you have a bustling sports bar with a dozen flat-screen TVs or you just want to give your quiet lobby a little atmosphere, DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ offers a solution to meet your business needs.

A DIRECTV commercial package offers an effective, affordable way to make your clients more comfortable – and your employees more engaged. Once you see everything that America’s #1 satellite TV service can do for your business, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

See Which DIRECTV Business Package Is Right For You

Different businesses serve different kinds of people, from diners to lodgers to patients. To help owners and managers create the desired atmosphere, DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ offers a variety of programming packages tailored to specific types of establishments:

All packages include the outstanding features that millions of customers have come to expect – cutting-edge technology, unbeatable sports coverage and much, much more.

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DIRECTV for Restaurants and Bars

With DIRECTV, a bar or restaurant makes a positive first impression the moment that customers walk through the door. That impression will also be a lasting one, turning first-timers into regulars.

Check out the selection of DIRECTV restaurant and bar packages to see which one you’d like to add to your menu:


90+ channels

If you run a restaurant in a commercial or financial district, your guests will enjoy the convenience of catching up on business news and headlines during their working lunches.


120+ channels

This package offers a step up from BUSINESS SELECT™ PACK, with an additional 45+ channels of exceptional programming that includes sports and entertainment.


100+ channels

The name says it all. Your customers still get plenty of sports and news but also a lot of family programming, classic television, comedy and more.


180+ channels

COMMERCIAL XTRA™ PACK, which includes SPORTS PACK channels, offers a perfect fit for sports bars. Regional sports networks make it easy for customers to cheer on their hometown favorites.


130+ channels

This package also features an all-star sports lineup, with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, regional sports networks and more.

Why Get DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants?

Without a DIRECTV business package, television might be nothing more than a source of background noise in your restaurant or bar. When you subscribe to America’s leading satellite TV service, television does much more for your clientele. It helps them take a break from their daily routines or, if they prefer, to stay connected.

Consider DIRECTV sports coverage as just one example. The exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET package delivers every game, every Sunday, which means that customers will know they can come to your establishment to follow their favorite teams.1 In addition, you can choose from a variety of other packages focusing on basketball, baseball and more at the pro and amateur levels.

Here’s another example: DIRECTV local channels. DIRECTV makes local stations and network affiliates available in 99 percent of markets across the country.2 With DIRECTV, customers will know they can come to your establishment to enjoy a fine meal or a quiet drink while staying in touch with hometown news, weather and sports.

Don’t forget about the option of adding premium networks to your DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ base package. Your establishment will finally be ready to host that theme party inspired by the latest HBO® or SHOWTIME® series!

In addition, DIRECTV offers free marketing tools to help you promote your bar or restaurant. Posters, banners and coasters are just the beginning. You can also get a listing in DIRECTV’s exclusive Sports Bar Finder mobile app and take advantage of an online merchandising center.

DIRECTV for Offices, Shops, Gyms and Lobbies

Whether your customers are sitting in a waiting room or striding on a treadmill, DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ packages will make the activity more enjoyable. Check out the package selection of DIRECTV business packages for offices, shops, gyms and lobbies to see which one you’d like to make a part of your business:


30+ channels

The lineup includes inspirational networks and family channels like BabyFirstTV, a DIRECTV exclusive. This package is great for a pediatrician’s office, a toy store or any other family-oriented business.


90+ channels

This package expands viewing options for customers and employees, with additional channels covering news, entertainment, educational programming and more.


90+ channels

BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT™ PACK expands your choices even further. Additional programming includes channels devoted to everything from movies to comedy to music.


140+ channels

This package features all channels from BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT™ PACK plus more than 55 additional channels. You get sports programming (ESPN, MLB Network, NBA TV and more). You get lifestyle programming (Esquire Network, Cooking Channel, DIY Network and more). You get DIRECTV’s most comprehensive business programming package for your office, shop, gym or lobby.

The DIRECTV Office Advantage

No one enjoys waiting, particularly when there’s business to be done. Fortunately, a DIRECTV office package provides your customers and visitors with a pleasurable activity that takes their minds off the clock.

Your employees will see the benefits, too. They’ll appreciate having access to great satellite TV to keep their minds stimulated throughout the workday. Forget elevator music and fake ferns – the essential accessories for the modern office are flatscreen TVs and America’s leading satellite television service.

DIRECTV for Hotels, Dorms and Hospitals

When people are away from home, the ability to enjoy something familiar provides a source of great comfort. DIRECTV business packages for hotels, dorms and hospitals help promote a relaxed atmosphere that makes home feel that much closer.

Compare the DIRECTV hotel, dorm and hospital packages. Choices include:


49 channels

As the name says, this package puts the accent on family-friendly and educational programming. Channels include Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Disney Channel, Sprout and Discovery Family.


100+ channels

With a channel lineup that includes such networks as ESPN, Comedy Central, MSNBC and TV Land, this package delivers a rich variety of viewing options.


160+ channels

Imagine turning on the TV in your hotel room and finding as many channels as you have at home – or even more. With the ULTIMATE package, your guests don’t have to imagine. The selection offers a wide range of choices including NFL Network, The Movie Channel, regional sports networks, Sundance TV and many, many more.

Why Get DIRECTV for Hotels, Dorms and Hospitals?

Your customers will be pleased that you have DIRECTV. Equally important, DIRECTV will leave you feeling pleased as a customer yourself.

Take pricing, for instance. The hotel, dorm and hospital packages are affordably priced per unit to help ensure that customers like you get exactly the level of service they’re paying for.

If you want your guests, patients or residents to be happy with the TV in their rooms, it all begins with reliable service. DIRECTV has 99% signal reliability, a quality sure to reflect well on you and your business. Based on a Nationwide Study of representative cities.

DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ has the programming and features to make your place of business feel more like home. The prices and reliability will make you feel like the sharpest manager in town.

How DIRECTV Commercial Service Beats the Competition

As a business person, you know the importance of offering a better product than your competitors. Consider just some of the ways that DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ has the clear advantage over its own rivals:

To give your customers, your employees and your business the best, choose DIRECTV over the competition.

Call Now and Order DIRECTV for BUSINESS™

Whether you’re the owner a cozy bed and breakfast or the chief administrator of a regional hospital, you can make your workplace better for customers and employees with a DIRECTV business package.

Make your office space the envy of the industry. Set the tone for a professional business meeting, create a relaxing environment or energize your next office party. Call today and you can be on your way to gaining an edge over the competition with incredible service and amazing entertainment from DIRECTV for BUSINESS™.