How Close Should You Sit to the TV?

How many times have you heard sitting close to the TV will hurt your eyes? While watching TV from any distance can cause mild eyestrains, there is no direct correlation with sitting close to the television and permanent eye damage. So, instead of deciding where to sit based on protecting your eyes, choose the spot… Read more »

5 Kid-Friendly Reasons to Love DIRECTV

If you want quality entertainment for the whole family, DIRECTV is an excellent choice. DIRECTV offers programming, convenient features and more for viewers of all ages. Check out these 5 kid-friendly reasons to love your DIRECTV service. 1. Fun programming entertains kids of all ages DIRECTV packages boast numerous channels devoted to children’s entertainment. Tune… Read more »

Season 3 Returns on AUDIENCE’s Original Drama Rogue

DIRECTV’s original series, Rogue, follows the exploits of Grace Travis (Thandie Newton), an undercover cop determined to disrupt organized crime and avenge her son’s murder. Since its premiere in April 2013, Rogue has immersed viewers in a suspenseful narrative exploring the dangers of undercover work, the ruthlessness of gang warfare and treachery on both sides… Read more »

Dancing to DIRECTV – Making the Most of Your Music and Media

When you think of “TV service,” you probably think of channels, specific programs, maybe even high-tech recording devices. But does music and media sharing come to mind? Probably not. There’s more to DIRECTV than, well, TV. DIRECTV’s music channels, special programs and media share features connect customers to entertainment like never before. Have you explored… Read more »

DIRECTV and A24 Explore Love’s Devastation with Equals

DIRECTV and A24 have acquired the rights to the sci-fi drama Equals. This, of course, means another theatrical sneak peek for DIRECTV customers except, this time, we won’t be gambling across the country (Mississippi Grind) or solving a murder (Dark Places). This time, we explore the haunting dystopia of a world without emotion in Equals…. Read more »

Into the Forest with DIRECTV and A24

After a decent reception at the Toronto Film Festival, it looks like Into the Forest will soon make its way into American homes. DIRECTV and A24 are working together once again to bring another undiscovered gem to television sets across the country. This time, though, it’s not a murder mystery like their Dark Places premiere… Read more »