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DIRECTV Pay Per View : Movies from the comfort of your home

directv pay per viewEver been to a theater, movie store, or video kiosk only to find the movie you came for was sold out? Never face the disappointment again when you subscribe to DIRECTV CINEMA.

With DIRECTV CINEMA, you get immediate access to a vast collection of thousands of DIRECTV pay per view movies and hundreds of new releases, updated weekly. Many titles are available well before Netflix® and Redbox®, and all are available when you want to watch them.1 It’s like your very own home video store, without the store hours or expensive overhead.

The best part is, titles are never sold out. That means you don’t have to worry about going home empty handed or settling for something you didn’t really want to watch in the first place. With DIRECTV CINEMA you always have what you want right at your fingertips.

Discover why DIRECTV ppv services with DIRECTV CINEMA provide the most enjoyable home movie experience available.

DIRECTV Pay Per View Movies in Stunning 1080p

Movie viewing at home has never looked and sounded as good as it does today with high-definition TVs, surround sound systems, and Blu-ray technology. But you don’t have to have pop in a disc to get the best movie picture quality and sound available.

Eliminate the middle man and realize the full potential of your entertainment system straight from your TV with the ultimate DIRECTV pay per view movie experience: DIRECTV CINEMA. DIRECTV CINEMA offers more on demand titles in breathtaking 1080p than any other provider.2

That means you get the same stunning Blu-ray quality picture and sound without ever worrying about storing or accidently damaging discs.

DIRECTV CINEMA Has Choices For Everyone

No matter what kind of movie fans you have in your home, an extensive DIRECTV ppv library consisting of thousands of titles mean there’s something for everyone.

Whether you like drama, comedies, dramadies—or anything in between—DIRECTV CINEMA offers a wide ranging selection of the most popular titles of today and cinema classics of yesteryear. You like big budget Hollywood productions? How about low-budget indie films? Whatever your tastes, DIRECTV CINEMA has you covered.

What’s more, when you subscribe to DIRECTV, you have access to the same titles from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone as you do on your TV with the DIRECTV app. Take DIRECTV with you on-the-go and never be restricted to when or where you watch your movies.

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DIRECTV CINEMA Is Better Than Theaters

Going to the theater to see a movie just isn’t what it used to be. With ticket prices skyrocketing and movie times limiting when you can see a movie, it takes away the enjoyment of movie-going. Fortunately, DIRECTV pay per view movie options fill that empty void, bringing the satisfaction of seeing a great movie straight to your home.

With DIRECTV CINEMA you don’t have the restriction of locked-in movie times and outrageous prices. For less than the cost of one movie ticket, your whole family can watch a great movie. And you get to do it at your convenience, not on the theater’s clock.

Use DIRECTV CINEMA and DIRECTV Pay Per View and Save Big

Save yourself the time, hassle, and cost of going to the theater. Forget about expensive tickets and jumping to see over heads at live events. Get a front row seat in your home with DIRECTV CINEMA and DIRECTV pay per view events.

No matter what movies, concerts, or sporting events you crave, DIRECTV has your back stage pass and full behind-the-scenes access for a fraction of the cost. Call today to get all the entertainment you want, when you want it—only with DIRECTV.