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Compare DISH Joey to DIRECTV Genie Mini

When it comes to television, there is nothing more important than having control. Sometimes it’s nice to watch the shows you want to watch at the times you want to watch them without having to worry about life’s little distractions. DIRECTV offers the Genie Mini, a remarkable advance in DVR technology, designed specifically to give viewers more of what they need in their viewing experience: control and options.

However, the power of the Genie Mini has also encouraged plenty of pretenders on the market. This can make it difficult when shopping for a DVR. Do you go with the tried-and-true Genie Mini? Or, do you settle for the likes of the DISH Joey?

Let’s take a look and compare the two. And, if you have any specific questions about the Genie Mini or would like to know more, call now.

Genie Mini Vs. DISH Joey

Both the Genie Mini and the DISH Joey share one very important thing in common: both products are designed to help support and convey the DVR experiences of their older brothers. For the Genie Mini, this involves the DIRECTV Genie and, for the DISH Joey, this involves the DISH Hopper.

To understand how the Genie Mini and the DISH Joey stack up, we must first look at the features of their older brothers and how they measure up to one another.

DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini

The DIRECTV Genie Whole-Home HD DVR is DIRECTV’s most advanced DVR to date and one of the more remarkable DVR models on the market. It allows the viewer an incredible level of control over the viewing experience. Viewers can stop, play, rewind and record hundreds of hours of content and connect multiple televisions wirelessly to one Genie HD DVR through the use of wireless Genie Minis.

This means more freedom and more access for more viewers without anyone having to fight over the remote or worry about missing an episode of their show. Add to that the ability to schedule recordings and Genie Recommends, a system that actually gets to know you based on your viewing history, and you have a viewing experience catered more toward your needs than anyone else’s.

DISH Hopper and DISH Joey

In an effort to keep up with the mobility and freedom offered by the DIRECTV Genie and Genie Minis, DISH rolled out the Hopper and the DISH Joey. Like the Genie, the Hopper lets customers pause and play their programming all while expanding its reach through the use of Joeys.

However, DISH Hopper and the DISH Joey don’t feature the kinds of services that really get to know you as a viewer. DISH Joey is just one of many imitators looking to cash in on what DIRECTV Genie and the Genie Mini can do. If you need more convincing, however, consider the following table which outlines further comparisons between the DIRECTV Genie Mini and the DISH Joey:

and Genie Mini
Ability to enjoy your TV anywhere
including inside and outside the home1
Connect up to 8 TVs wirelessly
Suggest new shows based on
programs you have already watched2
Schedule recordings two weeks
in advance


Don’t Settle for Imitators! Get DIRECTV Genie and Genie Mini

The DIRECTV Genie and its Genie Mini have often been imitated but never duplicated. No one can recreate the kind of service, convenience and enjoyment that the DIRECTV Genie family brings to the living room. To learn more, call today.