Can I Set My DVR to Record a Show That’s Already Started?

The DVR feature that is offered by most cable and satellite providers is considered by many consumers to be one of the main perks of purchasing a television entertainment subscription package. However, it can become frustrating for viewers when they forget to schedule their DVR to record one of their favorite programs until after it has already started. Fortunately, there are a few different steps that can be utilized to start the recording late. In fact, it is even possible in some situations to record the show from the beginning regardless of when the DVR begins recording.

How Do I Record an Entire Show After it has Already Started?

Each DVR has different functionality, so it is imperative for viewers to become familiar with all of the features that their provider offers. For example, some DVRs can only be manually turned on to record a program that has already started, and this prevents viewers from remotely initiating a recording via the Internet. Additionally, it is typically necessary for the applicable channel to already be on when the program started in order to still capture the entire program if the recording feature is turned on late. In other words, most DVRs will pick up a program and begin the recording at the exact moment that the viewer hits record unless that specific channel has been turned on since the show began. With this in mind, viewers can definitely use a DVR to record a show that has already started, but it is possible that the end result will not contain the entire program. It is also important to note that viewers typically need to be home to initiate the recording because many remote scheduling options require approximately 15 minutes to go into effect.

What about scheduling conflicts?

Luckily, conflicts like these have been largely resolved by most major DVR models on the market. The DIRECTV Genie Whole-Home HD DVR, for example, is a smart and sophisticated piece of hardware that makes it easy for users to schedule recordings – whether the show has already started or is only seconds from broadcast. The Genie can also record up to five different programs simultaneously, further minimizing the risk of scheduling conflicts.1

What if I don’t have time to come home and record?

Along with the Genie is the GenieGO™ device, which makes the viewing experience more mobile. Through the use of this device and the free app, customers can remotely schedule recordings without having to worry about missing a few minutes. Instead of worrying about the time it takes to get to the living room, customers can pull up the app and schedule a recording.2

What about other DVRs?

Other DVRs offered by other television service providers can make recording less of a hassle, as well. You will need to shop around and see for yourself regarding the price and features. If you are interested in the Genie, visit directv.com to learn more.

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