Can I stream live TV on more than one device at the same time?

Yes, with DIRECTV you can stream live TV on up to 5 different devices at the same time including laptops, tablets and phones. DIRECTV offers DVRs that help make this possible. These DVRs make streaming to multiple devices easier in addition to offering other ways of viewing live TV that emphasize the mobility and convenience that modern television viewing has come to represent.

What kinds of DVRs does DIRECTV offer?

DIRECTV offers a variety of DVRs, but the products and availability could vary with location. It’s best to consult their site or call in order to learn more about these offers.

What else can I do with DIRECTV DVRs?

Aside from the ability to stream live TV on more than one device, DIRECTV DVRs offer features that help put users in control of their viewing experience. These features include recording individual episodes or entire seasons, pausing and rewinding, and parental controls that can be used to help guard kids from inappropriate content. HD DVRs and receivers can record in HD, as well.

As stated earlier, DIRECTV offers different DVRs and these can offer different features depending on the model.

What is DIRECTV Genie?

The DIRECTV Genie is a Whole-Home HD DVR that can do a lot more than stream live TV on more than one device at the same time. 1 The Genie can power the entire home with just one HD DVR receiver and recording conflicts are virtually a non-issue.2 Users can record up to five shows at the same time, in HD, and users can watch live or recorded TV in up to four rooms simultaneously.3 Genie can also make recommendations on shows you might like based on what you’ve already seen. (Opt-in to Genie Recommends Required).


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