Can I Wear Prescription Glasses Under My 3D Glasses?

People who wear prescription glasses often struggle with the decision to go to a 3D movie. Getting 3D glasses to fit over a prescription pair can be uncomfortable or even impossible. The difficultly associated with fitting 3D glasses over a prescription pair may convince a person to avoid purchasing a 3D television. Here are some options to consider before writing off the purchase.

Prescription 3D Glasses

Anyone who is dedicated to purchasing a 3D TV should look into ordering prescription 3D glasses. This option allows people who wear glasses to see the beauty of 3D technology without having to struggle with wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time.

The only downside to buying a pair of prescription 3D glasses is that they can be expensive. These specialized glasses may have to be ordered online, so anyone who wants to try this option will have to get details about their prescription from an optometrist.

Large 3D Glasses

The primary struggle associated with wearing 3D glasses and prescription eyewear at the same time is the fact that 3D glasses are too small to fit over another pair of glasses. The good news is that there is a wide variety of shapes and sizes of 3D glasses on the market. Large 3D glasses fit more easily over prescription eyewear.

Advanced 3D TV Models

The latest technology allows people to view 3D TV without having to deal with the glasses. These televisions may be more pricey than other models, but the comfort and ease of seeing the action in 3D without worrying about extra glasses is often worth the expense. No one has to wear a pair of 3D glasses when these new TV models are chosen.

Go Without the Prescription Glasses

This option is only reasonable for people who need glasses for a slight correction. People who need to squint to see when they do not wear their glasses will not benefit from this solution. However, people who can see a TV without their glasses can just use their 3D glasses when they’re watching television. Wearing contact lenses while watching television is another option that eliminates the need for prescription glasses.

People who wear glasses may feel like they have no options when it comes to watching 3D television. New technology including prescription 3D glasses and 3D TVs that do not require special glasses are now becoming available to the public. These new options allow viewers to enjoy their 3D TV as it was meant to be seen.

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