Does it Make Sense to Replace a Projector with a Large Flat Panel TV in a Home Theater?

With a wealth of different televisions and projectors available on the market, many consumers have a hard time determining which option is the right fit for their families. Although both projectors and televisions have their own advantages and disadvantages, each individual family should decide what is right for its own individual needs.


For those who are on a tight budget, a projector can seem like a really good idea. Projectors with large screens are available for relatively low out-of-pocket prices, and they provide a much larger screen for the money than flat-panel televisions do. When it comes to start-up costs, projectors can seem much more affordable.


There is no doubt about it: For families that are concerned about size, a projector wins, hands-down. There are no televisions on the market that offer the same screen size as a good projector can, but there are plenty of TVs with huge screens. For most families, a television with a 60 or 70-inch screen is sufficient, but some individuals prefer much larger screens that are similar to those that are seen in movie theaters.

Picture Quality

Unfortunately, projectors are not perfect. Although their screens are very large, the picture quality is nowhere close to as good as the quality that is seen on the screens of newer televisions. Although projectors can still provide a good picture with HD programming and Blu-Ray players, the quality still can’t match that of a good flat screen. Those who are interested in watching VHS tapes and regular television programming might find that a projector is not a good fit.


With today’s newest televisions, there are typically plenty of options for hooking up HDMI cables and more. This isn’t available with projectors, however, which can pose a problem for those who want to plug in multiple devices. Luckily, many modern cable boxes, satellite boxes and other equipment make it easy to hook multiple devices to projectors.


Although projectors seem to be a lot cheaper when people look at their price tags and compare them to the prices of brand new televisions, they can actually be much more costly in the long run.

When a family invests in a high-quality television, they can generally expect the TV to last for five years or more without any major maintenance. This means that the initial cost of the television covers the television viewing for multiple years.

This is not the case with projectors, however. For those who watch television on their projectors for more than about 12 hours a week, replacement bulbs will be needed every year or two. These bulbs can cost several hundred dollars a piece and can really run the cost of operating a projector up over the course of several years.

Therefore, those who are concerned about long-term costs might be better off investing in a large flat-panel television. Those who will not use their screens often and who want to enjoy the other benefits of a projector, however, might find that a projector is still a good choice and is worth the additional maintenance costs.

Does it Make Sense to Replace a Projector with a Large Flat-Panel Television?

Whether or not a family should replace a projector with a large flat-panel television depends on a few different factors. For families who will not be content with a smaller screen, switching to a flat-panel television can be disappointing. Those who don’t have much to spend on a new TV might also decide to stick with a projector screen for the time being.

Those who want to enjoy the best possible picture quality or who want to save as much money as possible over time, however, will probably find that switching to a high-quality television is a far better choice. When shopping for a new TV, however, these individuals should look for a model with a larger screen so that it doesn’t seem too small when compared to the projector screen. They might also want to look for a model from a well-known and respected brand to help guarantee that the TV will last for several years without the need for maintenance or replacement parts.

For those who are still on the fence about making the switch, it is a good idea to look around at different models. Many who think that they will never find a replacement for their much-loved projectors might just find a large television with a great picture that will work as a perfect fit for their home theaters.

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