Does the Weather Channel offer local weather updates?

Although television programming like movies and television shows can seem a lot more exciting than watching the weather, knowing what the local weather conditions are like is important on an average day. Although many people count on The Weather Channel for information about big storms and national weather, a lot of viewers wonder if they can find out what the weather is like in their own local area by checking The Weather Channel.

Does The Weather Channel Offer Local Weather Updates?

For those who watch The Weather Channel through national service providers, such as through a satellite company or a large-scale cable company, local weather updates are not available. However, The Weather Channel does show regional weather updates in ten-minute increments throughout the hour. Those who are interested in the general weather conditions of their regions can look out for these updates.

When viewers watch The Weather Channel through local service providers, however, local updates are often shown. This information is generally targeted for the viewer’s specific location and can be more reliable and accurate than regional weather updates.

How to Get Local Weather Updates on Television

For those who have interactive satellite receivers, pressing a certain button on the remote control can bring up local weather updates on The Weather Channel. For those who are curious about using this service, it is a good idea to contact the satellite provider’s customer service for more information.

The Weather Channel’s website, Weather.com, also offers local weather information. Those who trust the reliable information of The Weather Channel but who want more geographically targeted information can check out this site to get more accurate local weather updates.

Many television providers also offer local news stations. These stations can sometimes provide more specific weather-related information for local viewers and can provide additional information when watched along with The Weather Channel.

How does The Weather Channel compare to WeatherNation?

If you’re a DIRECTV subscriber, you may recall the carriage dispute between The Weather Channel and DIRECTV. For a time, DIRECTV let their contract with the Weather Channel expire in favor of the WeatherNation. This was all in reference to customer complaints allegedly expressing dismay over the ancillary, non-weather-related programming also being featured on the Weather Channel. The dispute was resolved, however, and now both channels are currently available to DIRECTV customers.

As for the differences, WeatherNation’s programming is almost entirely devoted to its namesake – weather. It’s the standard weather graphics put to music along with meteorologists delivering in-studio forecast for the viewers at home. This contrasts sharply with The Weather Channel’s programming which has ballooned to include original programming that is weather-themed overall. The Weather Channel, much like HISTORY and Discovery and A&E, broadens its content while still trying to espouse the weather theme.

Both channels offer very different services. WeatherNation seems to be the no-nonsense source of meteorological information while The Weather Channel seeks to appeal to a wider audience by, ultimately, evolving from their roots as a forecast station.

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