How Do I Get the Big Ten Network?

Those who are interested in sports often love to watch every game that they can, but many find that they have to be subscribed to The Big Ten Network to catch certain events. Although a lot of people wonder about The Big Ten Network and how to access it, it is generally pretty easy to acquire for those who have cable or satellite television.

What is The Big Ten Network?

Dedicated to the Big Ten Conference, The Big Ten Network is operated jointly by Fox Sports and the conference itself. It is headquartered in Chicago but has partnered with more than 300 television network providers and is available in 100 million households across the United States and Canada. The Big Ten Network shows Big Ten events, archived sporting events, shows and more and is primarily targeted to sports fans.

How Do I Get The Big Ten Network?

Because more than 300 cable and satellite providers offer The Big Ten Network, subscribers who are interested in having access to this channel should contact their own providers to find out more. Many providers offer this channel for free for those who have certain channel packages.

Along with the ability to watch The Big Ten Network on television, subscribers can also enjoy the many events and shows from this network through Big Ten Network to Go, which is a service that can be accessed via personal computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. This service allows subscribers to watch sporting events from just about anywhere; to use BTN2Go, however, individuals must have service through a participating television provider and must provide their credentials through the BTN2Go application for Android or iOS or on the BTN2Go website.

The Big Ten Network is a sports-focused television network that is dedicated to The Big Ten conference. In fact, it is the first television network to ever cover each and every college-level sports conference and distribute it to international viewers.

This major sports-related network has introduced a service known as The Big Ten to Go, which many people are curious about. Luckily, it is easy for most users to access this network to watch their favorite sporting events and more from just about anywhere.

What is BTN2Go?

As an extension to The Big Ten Network, BTN2Go offers shows, sporting events and games so that subscribers can watch them from their smartphones, tablets, personal computers and more. BTN2Go is a must-have for sports fans who never want to miss their favorite games.

Who Gets BTN2Go?

BTN2Go is available for those whose television providers support it. For example, those who have DIRECTV, Time Warner Cable and other similar cable or satellite providers are able to enjoy this service.

How Much Does BTN2Go Cost?

The Big Ten Network does not charge viewers to use BTN2Go, but this is dependent upon cable and satellite providers. Many of the providers who offer The Big Ten Network offer it for free with select packages. Those who have packages that don’t include The Big Ten Network must contact their providers to find out more about subscribing.

How to Watch BTN2Go

Watching BTN2Go is easy for those who have services through the appropriate service provider.

For those who want to access it through the Internet or through a browser on an Internet-connected device, it is easy to head to BTN2Go.com. Then, the website guides users through the basic process of selecting a television provider and entering their TV provider’s credentials.

BTN2Go isn’t just available through personal computers, however. It also offers applications for Android devices and Apple products. Those who want to enjoy BTN2Go through one of these devices will need to download the appropriate application, which is available for free. Then, they can simply enter their TV provider’s information and credentials to get started.

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