Is there a multi-channel DVR?

Digital video recording (DVR) devices are a popular addition to television service packages. While DVR devices used to allow customers to record only one channel at a time, there are now multi-channel DVR devices that allow customers to record several programs simultaneously.

Benefits of DVR

The primary benefit of using a DVR device is to gain the freedom to watch favorite programming at any time. Customers are able to record and store shows to watch when they have some time to spare.

Families struggling with many different schedules may enjoy DVR capabilities. The technology allows customers to record their shows to watch with friends or family when the opportunity to get together arises.

DVR also allows customers to search for their favorite programs to set a regular recording. This means that viewers will be able to keep up with their favorite shows without worrying about missing an episode.

Multi-Channel Options

Multi-channel DVR devices have a greater storage capacity than single-channel devices. These devices are also able to allow customers to record multiple shows that air at the same time.

The exact number of shows that can be recorded simultaneously depends on the device and the television service provider. Multi-channel DVRs are able to record up to 10 programs at the same time. Customers will have to research their device and talk to their television service provider to learn more about the capabilities of their device.

The storage capacity of multi-channel DVRs can be as high as 300 hours of standard programming. High-definition (HD) programming takes up more storage space, so the HD capacity for these devices is about 75 hours.

A multi-channel DVR device is the perfect solution for allowing families to record all of their favorite programs. There are no arguments about who gets to record their show with simultaneous recording and a high storage capacity.

Does DIRECTV offer multi-channel DVRs?

As a matter of fact, yes, DIRECTV does offer quite a few different DVR models with multi-channel recording capabilities. One of the more prominent DVRs is the DIRECTV Genie Whole-Home HD DVR. The Genie can record as many as five shows at the same time in HD quality.

Genie also has more storage capacity for all of these HD programs, which means less time spent managing, organizing and deleting your library of high definition programs. Since it’s a Whole-Home DVR, you only need one DIRECTV Genie HD receiver to receive programming on multiple televisions in the home.1

Finding the ideal multi-channel DVR

Different television service providers offer these DVRs and it’s wise to shop around for a price that matches the features you want. You can also visit Directv.com in order to learn more about the Genie or other multi-channel DVRs available.

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