What are Wireless Televisions?

Thanks to advances in TV technology, modern TVs are much thinner and lighter than the clunky boxes that used to take up entire cabinets. This allows you to place your screen in places that were previously impossible, mounting them on walls and above mantles. In order to avoid a tangle of unsightly cables, wireless televisions… Read more »

What is Digital TV?

Digital TV (DTV) is an advanced type of broadcast technology that has improved the sound quality and visual quality of all television programming. Whether you are watching the new episode of Downton Abbey or enjoying a weekend marathon of Law and Order, DTV allows you to enjoy a high-quality viewing experience. Digital television is available… Read more »

How Do I Watch TV Online?

The Internet has completely revolutionized the way people watch television. Watching TV online has become increasingly popular over the last few years, thanks to the ever-increasing availability of online television shows. If you forget to record the season premiere of your favorite show or fail to make it home in time to catch the first… Read more »

What are my Options for Portable Television Service?

With a portable satellite antenna, you can watch the big football game at a parking lot tailgate or enjoy your favorite shows on a family camping trip. Portable satellite antennas are available to satellite TV subscribers. Most portable televisions currently on the market are digital. Many American broadcast stations switched from analog television signals to… Read more »

How Do Portable TVs Work?

Most portable TVs work by receiving digital signals from television station towers. In order for your portable television to receive programming, it must first tune in to the television station’s broadcast frequency. Because portable TVs are designed to use on-the-go, they do not need to stay plugged into a wall outlet in order to work…. Read more »

What is Social TV?

…And where have YOU been?   The idea of socializing around a source of light and recreation has been around since the discovery of fire. After fire, there was the radio and – after that – we would gather around the television. It’s not an alien concept, but it is one we have seen greatly… Read more »

Is 3-D TV Here to Stay?

People have been enjoying 3-D movies in the theater for decades. However, advances in 3-D technology have made it more accessible and widespread than ever. Even a few years ago, it was fairly rare to see a 3-D movie. Today, you can watch one right at home. All you need is a 3-D TV, compatible… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between a Normal LED TV Panel and a 3D LED Panel?

Many households have moved on from LCD TVs because of the size, weight and lack of energy efficiency associated with these models. LCD TVs often generate a substantial amount of heat, so households that are trying to cut down on cooling costs in the summer will sabotage their efforts by running an LCD TV. LED… Read more »

What Is the Difference Between OLED and LED TVs?

Choosing the best television for an entertainment setup requires some knowledge of current technologies. When looking for a quality HDTV, consumers have three options, which are LCD, LED and OLED TVs. LEDs are simply LCDs that use a different type of backlighting for illuminating the screen. While LED and OLED sound the same, there are… Read more »

What Is The Best LED Television In The Market?

LED televisions are becoming more and more popular. People often buy these because the quality is very close in comparison to a plasma screen. However, an LED television is less expensive. Everyone wants to make sure they have the best device, but this is something that can change as new televisions are released. Instead of… Read more »