Is HD and Digital TV the Same?

The Difference Much confusion exists about the difference between HD (High Definition) and Digital TV, and many people know only that HD TV is more expensive and provides a better picture and better sound. Part of the confusion lies in the fact that although a High Definition TV signal must be digital, it is not… Read more »

What is an LCD TV?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and appeared for the first time in the 1970s. In the early days of LCD technology, digital watches displayed black numbers against a gray background. During the daytime or in well-lit buildings, the numbers showed up brightly against the dull shade of gray. However, the numbers faded into nonexistence… Read more »

What is a Plasma TV?

In the world of physics, there are four distinct states of matter. Most people are familiar with the first three — solid, gas and liquid — but may be unaware that plasma is actually the fourth. Plasma is most similar to gas, but it possesses certain qualities that gases do not. For example, plasma can… Read more »

What is an LED TV?

An LED TV is the same thing as an LCD TV; that is, it uses both technologies to produce the picture on the screen. An LCD TV uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps, or CCFL, as the backlighting source. This lighting offers realistic colors and good brightness, but it fails to achieve great blacks and shadows…. Read more »

Is 3D TV Safe for Children?

Popularity and Accessibility of 3D TV As it grows in popularity, 3D TV is becoming more accessible to young children because their parents and older siblings may enjoy watching that amazing programming format. More families are purchasing 3D TVs for their homes, and if small children do not have exposure to 3D at home, they… Read more »

Can I Set My DVR to Record a Show That’s Already Started?

The DVR feature that is offered by most cable and satellite providers is considered by many consumers to be one of the main perks of purchasing a television entertainment subscription package. However, it can become frustrating for viewers when they forget to schedule their DVR to record one of their favorite programs until after it… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Black Box

A black box is a device that lets people watch cable television without paying for it. When a viewer connects it to the cable system, the box illegally converts and descrambles TV signals. State and federal laws strictly prohibit these devices because they allow people to engage in a form of theft. To discourage criminal… Read more »

What is an OLED TV?

Organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, televisions offer consumers a new viewing experience. The unit’s flat panel is made from millions of miniscule LEDs. In addition, the television’s light producing layer includes carbon-enhanced molecules. The OLED panels in the big screen televisions do not need lamps as they produce their own light. Furthermore, OLED HDTVs are… Read more »

What Is a V-Chip?

Television content can contain violence and other explicit content, but there are networks that air educational programming that is appropriate for children of all ages. Parents who want to ensure that their children can watch age-appropriate programming without being exposed to explicit content can use a V-chip to selectively block programs. An Overview of the… Read more »

Does the Weather Channel offer local weather updates?

Although television programming like movies and television shows can seem a lot more exciting than watching the weather, knowing what the local weather conditions are like is important on an average day. Although many people count on The Weather Channel for information about big storms and national weather, a lot of viewers wonder if they… Read more »