What is Viggle?

Watching television has never been a profitable occupation for any but a few select critics and TV executives. While the average viewer still can’t reap monetary benefits from watching TV shows, the Viggle application offers the opportunity to earn products, gift certificates and rewards in exchange for checking into TV shows. The Viggle app is… Read more »

How is a “Premium” Channel Different from a “Basic” Channel?

While shopping for cable or satellite TV, it’s easy to get confused by some of the terminology that’s used. Before signing up for any type of service, it’s smart to have a basic understanding of the types of channels that are available. Without being careful, you could inadvertently sign up for programming that you won’t… Read more »

What Are the TV Parental Guidelines?

Since 1997, most television programs have been labeled with a content rating. Designed to help parents make smart viewing choices for their children, this system uses several ratings levels as well as content descriptors to show what ages a program is suitable for. When the ratings went into effect, a monitoring board was created to… Read more »