What Are the Best Speakers for Surround Sound?

The best speakers for surround sound can come in many different shapes and sizes. As far as brands are concerned, that’s up to your own research and shopping to decide. While we could review various brands and the consumer consensus surrounding them, the real questions you ought to be asking aren’t which brands are the best.

Surround sound setups can be a logistical nightmare and a real financial investment when it comes time to bring one into your home. It pays to know more about the dos and don’ts of purchasing one of these speaker setups as opposed to what brand has fallen in favor with the public at large.

Do Case the Space

By “casing” the space, we mean looking at the area you want to put this sound system in and really finding a way to incorporate all the speakers and wires with the existing furnishings. Unless you are purchasing a wireless setup (more on that), you have a veritable web of wires that need to be safely and efficiently run to avoid tripping and tangles. This, alone, can be difficult to pull off in some of the more high-traffic areas of any TV room, so be sure to analyze the space you’re working with.

Don’t Be Fooled By Wireless

Wired connections have not been entirely phased out of the technological landscape. There are some tasks where a good old-fashioned, grounded connection trumps the performance limitations of wireless. The same can be true of most wireless surround sound speakers. While it’s nice to not have to worry about the aforementioned tangle of wires, it doesn’t guarantee a seamless experience. Signal strength factors heavily into your enjoyment. If you are looking into a wireless alternative, make sure the signal strength can handle other factors like mobile devices and other possible distractions.

Do Splurge on Stands and Quality Cables

You can find plenty of bargains when it comes to surround sound speaker sets, but you should never pay low prices for cheap stands and cables. First and foremost, use quality cables. While they might be more expensive than the generic kinds, they often more than make up for the extra cost in durability and improved sound quality.

Speaker stands are also important for more than just holding up your hardware. Depending on the volume of what you’re watching, you might experience something akin to vibration or static. A shaky speaker can diminish the quality of what you’re hearing, which is why a stand is so important.

Don’t Rush Into It

Take your time listing sellers to visit and highlighting the features that matter most to you. It can be very exciting purchasing a sound system, but there are lots of deals that can make a financial difference of a couple of hundred dollars. Shop around and don’t rush into a purchase.

Find Out What Works for You

Every brand claims they have the best speakers for surround sound, but few really go into the nitty gritty or cover some of these more pressing concerns listed above. Don’t be afraid to take your time and really shop around. Go online to learn more and make an informed decision on a speaker system that works for you.

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