What happened to SPEED? What is FOX Sports 1?

On March 5, 2013, FOX Sports made public its decision to remove SPEED from its list of channels on Aug. 17 of that year and replace it with FOX Sports 1. The primary result of this change was that the channel evolved from one that was dedicated to motorsports to one that broadcasts a variety of sports, including auto racing.

FOX Sports purchased a controlling stake in SPEEDVISION in 2001, and the channel’s name was changed to SPEED Channel in 2002 before it assumed its current name soon thereafter. However, the network decided 12 years later to create a channel that it felt would best compete with ESPN, and the decision was made to replace SPEED with FOX Sports 1.

Most of SPEED’s auto racing coverage is now available on either FOX Sports 1 or FOX Sports 2. This includes coverage of races and qualifying from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and United SportsCar Racing.

FOX Sports 1 broadcasts a variety of sports events. Many Big East, Big 12, Conference USA and Pac-12 college sports contests are televised during football and basketball seasons. The channel also shows a tremendous amount of soccer from competitions such as the UEFA and CONCACAF Champions Leagues and UEFA Europa League. Ultimate Fighting Championship events, graded stakes horse races and boxing matches are regularly shown as well.

Within a couple years of being created, FOX Sports 1 is set to broadcast Major League Baseball games, FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer contests and the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open, a pair of premier golf competitions.

One of the most popular programs on this channel is FOX Soccer Daily. Analysis, highlights and news of events taking place throughout the soccer world are shown. NASCAR Race Hub is a popular show devoted to NASCAR races and news surrounding the sport. FOX Football Daily and FOX NFL Kickoff entertain football fans. FOX Sports Live focuses on the major sports games and news of that day.

What Happened To FUEL TV? What Is FOX Sports 2?

FUEL TV was a channel that aired a unique selection of sports. While FUEL TV no longer exists, FOX Sports 2 has been airing the same sports since August 17, 2013. This new channel airs a wider variety of sports to expand upon the selection available on FOX Sports 1.

FOX Sports 2 Programming

The shows that can be viewed on FOX Sports 2 include several sports that were shown on FUEL TV. These thrilling sports include:

Ultimate Fighting Championship. Viewers have the opportunity to tune into live fights. Fights held before these events are also aired, and shows that review the matches are available for the most dedicated UFC fans.

Soccer. UEFA Europa games are aired through FOX Sports 2. Viewers can keep up with the overseas action.

UFC Unleashed. Matches from the past are aired for the biggest UFC fans. Fights that were previously available on pay-per-view channels are aired after the fact on FOX Sports 2. Viewers can catch a glimpse of some of the most famous fights in UFC history.

Motorcross. Motorcross races on tough, rugged tracks make for an adrenaline-packed viewing experience.

Barrett-Jackson. Car enthusiasts can watch fast-paced auctions run by the biggest company in motor auctions. Major auction events that feature some of the most collectible cars on the market are broadcast on FOX Sports 2.

The thrill of FUEL TV is still available for viewing on FOX Sports 2. Viewers can tune into their favorite shows from FUEL TV and more.

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