What Is ADH?

ADH is an acronym that stands for Accidental Damage from Handling. Several service providers and TV manufacturers offer ADH in their protection plans. Customers may opt to pay a low monthly fee for protection of their devices from unintentional or accidental damage. ADH is a coverage option included in insurance plans for televisions and other entertainment systems.

What Does ADH Cover?


Service providers and manufacturers may offer ADH protection for any number of devices from TVs to Blue Ray players. If any accidental damage occurs to the equipment, the service provider will repair or replace it at no additional cost to the user. Unintentional damage includes drops, dings, liquid spills and cracked screens. Protection plans may become void if it is determined that the damage was intentional or caused by improper use of the device. Some companies also offer free upgrades to equipment after a certain number of years as part of their ADH protection plan.

Why Get a Protection Plan?


ADH is an optional insurance plan for entertainment equipment and comes with several perks to the consumer. At a low monthly fee, users can receive free or low-cost repairs and replacements if anything unexpected happens to their devices. Without ADH protection, consumers may have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a new TV or entertainment equipment. Companies that also include upgrades with the protection plan will offer free or discounted products that are improvements to the user’s current devices. Rather than buying a new TV with better features, consumers can benefit from having the service provider replace their existing model at a fraction of the price. ADH protection is an optional plan that can help consumers with accidental damage and future upgrades to their entertainment system.

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