What is an outdoor television?

An outdoor television is rather self-explanatory; it’s a television set designed to operate outside the home. They have residential and commercial applications for livening up an outdoor swimming area or keeping sports fans in the bleachers informed of the highlights.

What are some of the residential applications of an outdoor television?

Some people like to install outdoor television sets on their patios or decks to keep people entertained during cookouts. The same applies for outdoor bars or swimming areas where people just want to lounge around and have something to look at while they take it easy. In some extreme cases, customers have taken outdoor television sets into the woods, substituting spooky campfire tales with the ambient glow of a weather-resistant television.

What are some commercial examples?

Outdoor televisions have been used as digital marquees and signs during events like the Oscars. They have also been used in outdoor taverns and sports centers to keep super fans apprised of the scoring highlights. You know those big monitors at the airport showing departures and arrivals? Some outdoor areas of airports in San Diego also use outdoor TVs to display this crucial information. Outdoor television sets are mounted all over exposed areas of sports stadiums so fans moving from their seats to the restroom never miss a moment.

Are outdoor televisions terribly expensive?

Because of the logistics involved with the production of outdoor television sets, these units can be a little pricey when it comes to residential use. Prices will vary, of course, but you generally wouldn’t want to take the decision of purchasing one of these too lightly. Some can go for a little over a thousand dollars while others can come in just shy of seven thousand.

Whether it’s for commercial and recreational purposes, if you are in the market for an outdoor television, be sure and shop around. Purveyors of these TVs will often vary with pricing and policy and these factors can impact your decision or the amount you’re willing to spend.

Can an outdoor TV stand up to the weather?

Many purveyors of outdoor television sets boast about how these pieces of hardware are conditioned and durable enough to handle rain, dirt and extreme temperatures. It’s up to you to shop around to find the one you feel is the most robust in handling weather conditions in your area. Be sure and look into damage policies and insurance, as well, when looking into an outdoor television.

Is it worth it?

Again, it depends on your individual situation. If you are running a business and you want something to liven up your outdoor kitchen or grill, outdoor televisions are major investments that could ultimately pay for themselves over time. If, however, you are looking for a way to impress your friends at the latest cookout or pool party, there are cheaper ways to go about it. Remember that not all outdoor televisions are guaranteed or absolutely impervious to the weather conditions in a given area. And, as stated earlier, an outdoor television is a massive investment that may not be the best use of a couple thousand dollars.

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