What is DogTV?

DogTV is the first television network specifically designed for dogs. PTV Media LTD created DogTV, with veterinary experts researching and designing the content to ensure its appropriateness for dogs’ behavioral needs and senses. Currently, DogTV is a pay channel available through DirecTV, Roku boxes and an online streaming service.

How is DogTV better than just leaving the TV on any channel?

With programming that includes familiar stimuli ranging from relaxing to exciting, DogTV helps canine companions avoid separation anxiety and safely stay occupied in the absence of their human owners. By preventing dogs from getting bored or anxious while alone, DogTV can help dogs avoid destructive behaviors that may stem from boredom and anxiety.

DogTV offers three main types of programming: relaxing, stimulating and comforting. Relaxing content helps calm dogs, reducing anxiety and encouraging peaceful behavior. In contrast, stimulating visuals and sounds excite dogs, encouraging them to run and play instead of becoming lethargic, bored or depressed while alone. Finally, through exposure to a variety of commonplace sights and sounds, dogs grow more comfortable in their surroundings.

How should I introduce DogTV to my four-legged friend?

Dog owners should enjoy their dogs’ first experience viewing DogTV by watching it with them. Then, owners can leave their dogs alone with the channel on once they are calm. The channel shows its dog-friendly programming around the clock so that it is always available for dogs that need it. The types of programming run in cycles throughout the day, providing the appropriate amount of relaxation and stimulated play in intervals that work with dogs’ typical needs.

Pet lovers can also feel confident that more than just their own dogs benefit from DogTV; the network also supports The Human Society of the United States’ Pets for Life program, which helps pet owners and their companion animals in struggling areas.

Is DogTV really worth the price?

It depends on your living situation and how you determine worth. Studies have shown that dogs who do not receive the proper mental stimulation go on to development negative social characteristics. These characteristics can range from depression to anxiety – things that can contribute to a trend of antisocial behavior.

If you have more than one dog, chances are good that they do a decent enough job keeping one another entertained – doubly so if you have a yard where your dogs can be outside during the day. DogTV, currently, is not terribly expensive compared to other prices mandated by premium channels.

Will it help me bond with my dog?

While the answers may vary, generally, any activity where you and your dog are actively participating leads to better bonding. Since DogTV features imagery and sounds designed to stimulate the thought processes of the domesticated canine, there’s evidence to suggest your participation will solidify the bond. It will also help your dog assimilate you as its leader.

Is it relaxing?

DogTV is low on complex dialogue and sprawling, Lost-like story arcs while big on serene landscapes and ambient music. In a word, yes, it’s relaxing and, if you’re looking for a way to chill out, DogTV might just benefit you as well.

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