What Is Pandora and How Do I Access It On My TV?

Music lovers may be frustrated with the limited selection of songs that they enjoy when listening to local radio stations. Pandora offers a targeted selection of music based on the preferences of the listener. Using Pandora with a television means that people can easily stream fun music while having friends or family over. Here is some important information about Pandora and its compatibility with televisions that can help music lovers make the most of their TV.

An Overview of Pandora

Pandora was introduced in 2007 as a method of streaming music based on the user’s preferences. The technology uses a complex algorithm developed through the Music Genome Project to determine which bands and songs a listener will like based on the type of music or band selected by the user.

The online feature of Pandora means that it can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions that have an Internet connection. Pandora is essentially a personalized online radio. Listeners have the option to adjust the music by voting for each song that is streamed. Songs can be skipped, but there are limits to how many songs can be skipped per station and per day.

Pandora is an excellent way for people to find new music based on their current tastes. There are free and paid versions of the online radio available. The free version requires the user to listen to advertisements every 30 minutes. Ads are approximately 15 seconds in length and may vary according to the device that is used to listen to the radio.

The paid version of Pandora eliminates all ads. Users are able to stream music in a higher quality than the free version, and there are exclusive backgrounds for the app that are available only to paying members.

Accessing Pandora on a Television

Pandora is available on smart televisions that are able to access the Internet. People who have a smart TV can search for the app in the app store in order to download it. The free and paid versions of Pandora can be downloaded on a television that has online access.

Televisions that do not have Internet access can stream Pandora if a Blu-ray player or gaming console with Internet capability is used in conjunction with the TV. XBOX 360, XBOX One, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 are all compatible with Pandora.

Using Pandora is easy after is has been downloaded on a smart TV or compatible device. Users will need to sign up for an account to get started. Station preferences are saved in a user’s account for easy access in the future. Starting a station based on a genre, singer or band is as easy as typing the name into the search bar. Music will immediately start playing.

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