What is the Best Television for Gaming?

There are many different ways to answer this question since every brand seems to boast having the best TV for whatever. Let’s talk about one of the biggest issues you need to watch out for when it comes to finding the best television for gaming: lag.

To the uninitiated, lag is the term for when the action on the screen slows down to an unbearable degree. Many times, the culprit of lag – in a broad sense – has to do with processing power in a game console or Internet service quality during an online game. Action slows down to such a degree that the lag almost renders a relative experience where things that happen on your screen are not what happens on another person’s.

In the case of buying the best television for gaming, lag or “input lag” specifically is something you need to consider.

Input lag in a nutshell

Games are played with controllers and, regardless of the shape or size, these controllers have buttons. Players press these buttons and the inputs translate on the screen – making Mario bash his head on a block of bricks or forcing Link to draw his sword on an unsuspecting monster. For a lot of these games, timing and hand-eye coordination are imperative so you can imagine how much of a nuisance input lag can be.

Input lag – the delay experienced between your inputs and the actions on the screen – is caused by the TV having to take the time to render the outcome onscreen. If you’re playing a music or rhythm game and you need precise timing, you’re going to have a hard time with a one-second delay due to input lag. Doubly so if you’re playing online against human opponents who won’t hesitate to knock you out of the game.

Ask about Game Mode

Luckily, most modern TVs come with the display option known as Game Mode.

Game Mode reduces the chances of input lag by shutting down some of the extraneous processing features that come standard with the TV’s function. However, some television sets still maintain many unnecessary operations causing some lag even when you’re in Game Mode. Generally speaking, however, a television with Game Mode is the best kind of television for gaming.

Picture quality and screen real estate might all seem like they’re worth the cost. However, if all these processes and features slow down the game, it won’t matter how great everything looks. You won’t be having fun. A television with a decent Game Mode feature is the best television for gaming, and you can ask about this when you’re shopping.

Plasma or LCD?

Generally speaking, Plasma is the preferred television of choice for gamers. However, it is not without its downside. Because of the deeper contrast, you tend to see less motion blur or shortcuts in animation. However, the richer color and picture can lead to screen burn – an incident where ghost images are burned onto the screen.

LCD features dazzling colors, but has difficulty processing the kinds of fluid motion that Plasma is known for. In the end, it’s up to you. By practicing safe use and observing the necessary risks, either television model can work for your gaming purposes.

Just make sure the television has Game Mode.

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