What is Viggle?

Watching television has never been a profitable occupation for any but a few select critics and TV executives. While the average viewer still can’t reap monetary benefits from watching TV shows, the Viggle application offers the opportunity to earn products, gift certificates and rewards in exchange for checking into TV shows. The Viggle app is free to download and can be used on Android and iOS phones.


Understanding the Viggle Rewards Program


At its heart, Viggle is a rewards program designed to offer TV viewers gifts in exchange for their loyalty. The funding for Viggle’s rewards program comes from advertisers and from TV networks who want to promote their shows to Viggle users. Viewers must download the application and create an account that is linked either to an email address or social networking profile in order to begin earning points. Viewers can earn points by:


  • Watching TV programs.
  • Participating in interactive programs.
  • Checking into commercials.


Earning Points for Watching Programs


On Viggle, every show that an individual watches earns points. All shows earn at least one point for every minute that they are on the air. Viewers who check into an hour-long program as it begins will receive 60 points. Viewers who checked in 15 minutes late would receive 45 points while viewers who checked in 20 minutes late would receive 40 points and so on. In most cases, points are awarded a few minutes after a program has ended.


Viggle users can earn bonus points by checking the app or the company’s social networking sites on a daily basis to find out what shows are offering bonuses on that given day. Bonuses are generally between 50 and 150 extra points though special promotions throughout the year do offer significantly more points. When viewers check into shows with bonuses, they receive both the bonus and the regular reward points based on the program’s length. If a viewer watched an hour-long show with a 100-point bonus, a total of 160 points would be earned.


Earning Points for Participating in Interactive Programs


TV viewers who want to earn more with Viggle than is available through regular check ins and bonuses can participate in special, interactive quizzes and programs offered with some shows. Show-based quizzes require viewers to check in as the show airs and launch a quiz window. Viewers then answer questions about the show in general and the specific episode being aired.

Interactive programs for sporting events and awards shows also offer Viggle users the opportunity to earn extra points. The MyGuy interactive program, which is open during many major sporting events, allows viewers to make predictions about the game much as they would do when playing fantasy sports. Quizzes with trivia about current nominees and past winners are commonplace during the film, music and TV awards season.


Earning Points for Checking Into Commercials


From time to time, Viggle users may see special promotions on the application’s home screen that offer bonus points for checking into commercials. In order to take advantage of these bonuses, viewers will need to pay close attention to the time window for check ins. In most cases, viewers will need to check into the given commercial during a specific program. Check-in bonuses for commercials are only offered for the first check in to a given commercial.


Redeeming Viggle Points for Rewards


Once they have accrued enough points, Viggle users can redeem them for discounts, gift cards and other rewards. In order to redeem Viggle points, users navigate to the Reward area of the app. The rewards currently offered are listed on this page. Users pick the reward they would like, hit a redeem button and then receive redemption instructions via email. Viewers should be aware that rewards can change frequently, so there’s no guarantee that an award listed one week will be available in subsequent weeks.

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