Where do you install a satellite dish?

Typically, the best place to mount a satellite dish is on your roof. The installer will inspect your roof and select a location unobstructed by trees or surrounding structures. Other common places to install a satellite dish include on detached garages, back decks or patios.

Ultimately, your dish will have to go where it has the best view of the southern sky.

Will a satellite dish damage my home?

Modern satellite dishes are compact and lightweight, so installations are minimally-invasive. The installer will have to drill a few fasteners into your home to mount the bracket holding your dish, but there is otherwise little-to-no physical impact on your home.

A common concern when installing a satellite dish on the roof is the potential for leaks. Your installer has the training and equipment necessary to completely seal the small holes created when mounting the dish.

Will the installer mount the dish in the front of my home to “advertise”?

Your installer will most likely be a trusted contractor who is employed for, but not by, the satellite service provider. The installer’s only job is to install the dish where it will receive the best signal.

Rest assured that if the technician recommends mounting the dish toward the front of your home, it is because that’s the best place for it. The installer has no incentive to mount your dish in a deliberately visible location for the sake of advertising the satellite company’s logo.

Does the satellite dish have to be on my house?Why must my satellite dish face the southern sky?

Does the satellite dish have to be on my house?

Not necessarily. Your installer may be able to mount the dish on a post or other nearby structures, such as a storage shed, as long as they are sturdy and provide adequate access to the satellite signal. Keep in mind that these types of installations are usually considered “custom” and may result in additional installation costs.

Why must my satellite dish face the southern sky?

Most TV and Internet satellites orbit the earth around at the equator and are synchronized with the speed of Earth’s rotation. The satellite is in a relatively fixed position high above the earth, which is to the south for those living in the northern hemisphere.

Can you install a satellite dish on an apartment or condo?

Yes. In most cases, the installer will mount the dish on the patio or balcony. Check your lease or HOA agreement before subscribing to a satellite service to ensure you can have a satellite dish on your property.

With any satellite dish installation, your technician will survey the area and recommend the best location for installation before beginning any work. Speak with your installer if you have specific areas where you would like the dish to be installed. Prepare any questions you may have prior to the installer’s arrival. Most of all, trust the installer to do the job properly – they are, after all, the professionals!

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