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DIRECTV with MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ is the Ultimate Baseball Package

Imagine having a season ticket to every game on the MLB schedule. Make this dream a reality when you get a DIRECTV subscription plus MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠! Don’t miss your favorite team’s exciting double plays or hitting homeruns all season long. The DIRECTV MLB package is available to all new DIRECTV customers no matter which channel package you choose. It is also incredibly easy to add this MLB package to any current DIRECTV plan; it just takes one phone call. Baseball fans – you need MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ this season. Call the number on your screen today!

Cover All Your Bases with DIRECTV MLB Package

Whether you’re a super-fan who follows just one team or a baseball junkie who lives to watch every game possible, MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ has got you covered. DIRECTV’s MLB package ensures you can catch every history-making baseball moment all season long. In addition to MLB channels that show all the baseball events you crave, the DIRECTV MLB Package offers superior channels that will improve your watching experience, like Game Mix and Strike Zone. Read on to learn more about everything you’ll get with DIRECTV plus the MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ package.
directv mlb extra innings

  • Full MLB Schedule at Your Fingertips: When you get DIRECTV with MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠, you’ll never miss a Major League Baseball game again. Enjoy up to 80 out-of-market games a week, even if you live thousands of miles away from the ballpark.1 Talk about a grand slam!
  • Every Homerun in HD: Nothing beats the sights of a ball game: the crisp green grass; a pop fly soaring through the clear sky; the cloud of dust after a great slide in to home plate. Choose MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ for your home baseball viewing and experience these sights and more in crystal-clear HD.2 With up to 98% of games available in high quality high definition, you’ll get stadium views from the comfort of your own couch.
  • The Exciting Game Mix Channel: You get up to 80 games a week with DIRECTV MLB Package. With so many games available, you may have trouble deciding what to watch. Don’t worry; Game Mix Channel is your solution! Use this channel to watch up to 8 LIVE games at once.2 You’ll never miss a play again, even if 16 teams you love are all playing at once! Plus, you can choose to switch to just one of the eight to focus on at any time; just select it with your remote to go to a full-screen view.
  • Special MLB Channel: Strike ZoneIn addition the awesome Game Mix Channel, MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ also includes another exciting MLB Channel – the MLB Network Strike Zone. Tune to this special channel for extra baseball coverage all season long!

Want More Sports? DIRECTV Has it All

MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ offers all the baseball you could want. But what about football, soccer, basketball and more? Choose DIRECTV, the provider that offers a sports package for every fan. Get courtside coverage with NBA LEAGUE PASS. Never miss a goal with MLS Direct Kick. If football is your sport, get the DIRECTV exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET package for the best coverage in the business. For details, call the number on your screen and ask about DIRECTV sports packages.

Call Now For DIRECTV + MLB Package

Don’t miss out on any of the great baseball moments sure to happen this season. Get DIRECTV with MLB EXTRA INNINGS℠ today! Just call the number on your screen to begin the easy ordering process.