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Improve your TV Experience with DIRECTV HD

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Get your best possible entertainment experience with stunning high-definition programming from DIRECTV. When it comes to HD, no one beats DIRECTV. DIRECTV’s HD channel count is higher than any other satellite provider in the industry, and includes everything from local news channels to major sports networks to exciting movie channels. Don’t settle for standard definition television – get spectacular quality with DIRECTV HD.

DIRECTV Offers More HD Channels

DIRECTV offers more full-time HD channels than any other satellite provider. There are over 200 DIRECTV HD channels available for you to enjoy!1 Whatever type of TV you like to watch, viewing in high-def will improve your experience. You can immerse yourself in a nature show with impeccable close-up images of wild animals. Transport yourself across the world while watching a travel show featuring landscapes so clear, you’ll feel like you’re there. Enjoy your favorite entertainment programs even more as you see the intense emotions clearly depicted on the stars’ faces. In addition to improving your regular television experience, DIRECTV HD will particularly enhance your sports and movie watching.

Boost Sports Games with HD

With sports matches in HD, you can feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines even when you can’t be at the stadium. If you don’t have season passes, get the next best thing: DIRECTV HD. DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports. Fans of every team will be able to catch all of the energy and excitement in high-definition. The intensity of the players, enthusiasm of the fans, and the dazzling atmosphere of sporting events will be broadcast directly into your living room, all thanks to your DIRECTV HD receiver.

Adore Movies in High-definition

Watching movies in theaters is exciting because of the crystal clear picture, but can be pricey and inconvenient. Instead, enjoy all the movies you love from your own couch with sparkling 1080p HD picture quality – the same format as Blu-ray™ – right on your TV screen! DIRECTV offers the most movies with 1080p and Dolby Digital surround sound, so you get the total Hollywood experience.2 From the explosion of action flicks to the emotional scenes of dramas, you’ll adore watching HD movies with DIRECTV.

Get the Technology You Need with a DIRECTV HD Receiver

For HD from DIRECTV, there are many receivers you can choose from. You can enjoy shows, sports and movies in HD with the following technology:

With so many receiver options, every DIRECTV customers is sure to find the technology that is perfect for them. To make the most out of your DIRECTV HD, go with a receiver that includes DVR capabilities, such as the Genie whole-home DVR3. The magical DIRECTV Genie can record any 5 shows you want at once, all in HD! Then you can watch them later, at the time of your choosing. With the Genie DIRECTV HD receiver, you never miss any of the HD programming you love.

Call Now for DIRECTV and Get Sparkling HD

Stop watching the TV you crave in lackluster standard definition. Enjoy entertainment the best way possible, with DIRECTV HD. Call the number on your screen now to order your DIRECTV HD channels and DIRECTV HD receiver. You will love watching sparkling high-def television!