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Take Control of Your Home Entertainment with a DIRECTV Remote

DIRECTV puts a world of entertainment at your fingertips with the DIRECTV remote. Command your television experience like never before with the advanced features of a DIRECTV remote and find your favorite channels and shows faster.

With any package, you’ll get a remote that corresponds with the receiver you order. Choose from several different DIRECTV remote and receiver options to find the one that is the perfect fit for your needs. Each remote can be programmed to control all of your home entertainment equipment for a truly universal entertainment experience.

Call now to learn more about the different types of DIRECTV remotes and how they can help you start navigating your favorite shows and movies with ease.

Choose the DIRECTV Remote that is Right for You

No matter what you like to watch, each of these DIRECTV remotes gives you more control over your favorite entertainment.
directv genie remote

DIRECTV Genie Remote

The DIRECTV Genie is the most advanced whole home HD DVR and comes with the innovative Genie Remote.1 It can control both your Genie HD DVR and any additional Genie Mini boxes you have in your home. Here are some of the advanced features of the Genie Remote:

  • This DIRECTV remote is small and sleek, with fewer buttons for a simpler design and easier use.
  • Its buttons are more responsive so that when you make a selection your TV will react instantly.
  • The Genie Remote uses infrared and radio frequencies to communicate with your receiver so you don’t have to point it at one particular spot to make it work.
  • DIRECTV Remote programming is saved so that you never lose your settings even if you get a new receiver.

Want to learn more about the Genie HD DVR or the Genie Remote? Call to speak with a customer service representative today.

directv universal remote

DIRECTV Standard Universal Remote

The DIRECTV Standard Universal Remote is the only entertainment tool you’ll need. It can control up to four different pieces of equipment. Use it to operate your DIRECTV receiver, your TV and your DVD or Blu-ray™ players.

When you program your DIRECTV remote, it saves your settings so that if you change the batteries you won’t have to reprogram anything. Get rid of the living room clutter and put those other remotes away. The DIRECTV Standard Universal Remote lets you control all of your entertainment with just one hand.

directv radio frequency universal remote

DIRECTV Radio Frequency Universal Remote

The DIRECTV Radio Frequency (RF) Universal Remote can perform all of the same functions as the Standard Universal Remote. It also features backlit buttons so that you can enjoy a show or movie in the dark and still see your DIRECTV remote. Programming your receiver is even easier because of the remote’s radio frequency technology. You won’t have to aim your remote at the receiver or point it in an exact spot to change the channel or record a show.

tablet remote

Using Your Tablet as a DIRECTV Remote

The free DIRECTV tablet app allows you to turn your tablet into an advanced DIRECTV remote.2 With the tap of a finger you can pause, rewind, fast-forward and record TV. When using the app you will also have access to extra features that you won’t get on your regular DIRECTV remote.

Call Now to Discover the Power of a DIRECTV Remote

Put all of the entertainment you love in the palm of your hand with a DIRECTV remote. Programming and extra features are only a press of a button away with each of the remote options.

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